Designed for anyone with a skill that wants to work independently

Leverage your relevant skill to work independently and build your personal brand to lay the foundation to sell your services.

Single Focus

Selling your products or service under your name will make it easier to manage a single set of assets. 

Established Network

Your name and network has more equity than starting a new business from a zero base.

Complete Flexibility

Having your brand under your name gives you endless opportunities to evolve and grow. 


What skills do you have?

Discover endless opportunities being independent through leveraging your skills and building your personal brand to own your career.


Design, music, publishing, architecture, film and video, crafts, visual arts, fashion, TV and radio, advertising, literature, computer games and the performing arts.


Programming, web and app development, business analysis, data visualisation, project management, marketing, data science and analytics.


Carpenter, painter, drywalling, electrician, plumber, roofing, renovator, repairs, inspecting, engineering, builder, installation and maintenance. 


Wedding planner, personal trainer, hairstylist, barista, chef, travel agent, beautician, tour operator, event organiser or journalist. 

Real Estate

Architects, developers, sales and marketing, brokers, estate agents, property managers, lenders and professional services.


Strategy consulting, operations consulting, financial consulting, information technology consulting and human resources consulting.


Search/external recruiters, contingency recruiter, retained recruiter, corporate recruiters, temp / contract staffing, outplacement and headhunters.


Financial advisor, bookkeeper, broker, trader, accountant, tax practitioner, lender, appraiser or investor.